Today we celebrate one year of End Cast. Thanks for listening and hope you are looking forward to another.


We had quite a successful shoot on Sunday. Check out the pics.


It's time for your monthly Dead End Films update, so here it is. We have a new project in the works, and being filmed in two weeks. Expect it to hit the web anytime 4 - 6 weeks from now. And for those not in the know, it will be the directorial debut, for the man we call, the Pags.


If you haven't noticed on our projects page, there's a new film up! That's right, it's our DVXUser Time Fest movie, our first film created for the purpose of being judged and intended to compete against others. Unfortunately, we did not win, but we did receive a lot of good feedback and a lot of interest in our next production. So please go to the projects page and check out "Admonition"


So we filmed for the second time this year (first time was a bust, we'll blame Dan) and it went very well. We used our very new, very fancy camera and the footage looks incredible. We're going to do a re-shoot this coming weekend because we are missing some shots (also, blaming Dan) and it should be edited and released by mid June. Actually, it has to be completed by mid June because thats when the festival requires it. According to the rules of the festival, we can't say anything about the film nor can we say what the actual festival is, so you will all just have to wait and see when it is officially released, sometime at the end of June.

In other news, Dan has been promoted to "Company Scapegoat". Congrats Dan


If you haven't already heard, the crew here is preparing to film the first ever Dead End Films production to be entered into a film festival. Although it won't be premiering at next years Sundance festival, this is still a pretty big step for us here at the studio. More details will follow once the festival is under way. For now, you can support us by checking out our Donate Page. Thanks!


Big thanks to The Mediocre Show for playing our End Cast promo. Check it out by downloading their podcast, episode 140. It was played right after the first break, about 30 minutes in.


Listen up people. If you haven't done so (which I know is everyone) click on the "End Cast on iTunes" link to your right and give us a 5 star review to help promote the show better on iTunes. The more 5 star reviews the higher the rating it gets on iTunes, which means more listeners which means more exposure which means more fans, more money, and more/better content. Yeah, so do that for us.


Hello fans. End Cast is on a very short hiatus (3 weeks) so while you are waiting for Episode 23 on March 24th, check out all the cool stuff we have to offer, like our latest release, Pilot

02-02-08 Pilot will released March 2nd, 2008. Be ready. While you wait for that video to be uploaded, browse our new site and PLEASE watch Kevin Link's standup comedy from Seattle.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

So it's been awhile since an update but there has been a lot of exciting activity on our end. We completed filming our first ever pilot and are now in the process of post-production. It's taking me about 4 hours to get 2 minutes of actual footage into the timeline, so it might not be here for another month, but it will be incredible.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Listen to End Cast if you aren't already!


And yet another episode of Rock 101.



The time has come where I am in serious need of another web developer. I just have way too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all. If you know anything about PHP, MySQL, and Linux and are willing to work for free (and for the satisfaction of being apart of the greatest film team in history) please email me at:


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